mAirList for MusicMaster

mAirList for MusicMaster is special version of the mAirList Radio Automation, designed as a playout software for the MusicMaster music scheduling system. It uses the MusicMaster database as its scheduling and audio library backend. No need to sync libraries and exchange playlist files anymore – think playout attached directly to your MusicMaster database.

mAirList for MusicMaster supports audio output to any DirectSound, WASAPI or ASIO compatible sound card (including virtual soundcards from Axia, Dante, Wheatstone and others), and also has a built-in Shoutcast/Icecast compatible streaming encoder.


Due to its small CPU and memory footprint, you can run multiple playout instances on the same computer simultaneously. With our free Multi Instance Manager software, the setup and deployment of additional playout instances is just a matter of a couple of mouse clicks.

For pure 24/7 streaming solutions (no local audio output, only Shoutcast/Icecast streams), mAirList can even run on datacenter servers with no physical audio hardware present.

Nexus API

mAirList for MusicMaster utilizes the MusicMaster Nexus API to access the MusicMaster library directly from the playout. Functions include:


Basic features of mAirList for MusicMaster include:

Additional features can be added to your license for more sophisticated automation solutions:


mAirList for MusicMaster accesses the MusicMaster database through the Nexus API, so it requires a MusicMaster Nexus server to work. The Nexus HTTP port must be accessible from the playout computer; reverse proxy configurations, possibly over HTTPS and with username/password authentication, are supported.

All audio files must be accessible from the playout machine through a Windows path (local disk or network share), or an HTTP/HTTPS server.

See the mAirList Radio Automation product page for general system requirements for mAirList.


mAirList for MusicMaster is available for lease only. The software is licensed per playout instance, with different volume license packages available.

For pricing information, please contact sales.